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5 Strategic Benefits of Outsourcing Your Tax Services

Beginning of Tax season not only brings in the good news of exponential rise in the workflow/revenue but also immense work pressures. This overwhelming workload gets unmanageable even for accountants as most of the small and medium businesses keep delaying tax preparation till the last minute. CPAs/CAs with tight deadlines have such hard time chasing the clients for the required information and proper coordination, which further affects the efficiency and productivity of the accountants.

Outsourcing being one of the best solutions to ease the burden of CPA/CA firms by delegating the time-consuming tasks associated with tax preparation work. Outsourcing tax services helps in generating a pool of additional resources in terms of time and headcount etc which further can be used to focus on upcoming new opportunities/projects.

Following are the Strategic benefits of outsourcing tax services:

  1. Access to Experienced Experts – Outsourcing gives an access to skilled professionals who are experts of the particular industry and are well versed with all Tax and Regulatory updates. Moreover, most of the small and medium CPA/CA firms operate on a tight budget. When the workload is extremely high during tax preparation season, they are forced hire seasonal staff which in turn increases the overhead cost by manifolds. To avoid this additional increase in overheads and make the most of the in-house staff, CPA/CA firms outsource a part of their tax preparation services. Since outsourcing companies can be hired as per the need, it is relatively cheaper option than hiring and training of new employees just for the tax season.  
  2. Time Saving- Outsourcing Services to oversees outsourcing companies gives an edge of making full use of time-zone differences. Accounting and Taxation are tedious services that require skill. Outsourcing such tasks gives CPA/CA firms and their employees ample of time to concentrate on their core activities like customer relations, team management and business development further generating the possibilities for growth.
  3. Scalability & Flexibility- Ultimate goal of every business is growth which indeed requires larger workforce. When growth plateaus suddenly, we need larger number of headcounts. Outsourcing Companies provide tailored services keeping in mind the specific needs. They can provide dedicated accounting professionals as and when required without incurring overhead costs of hiring/training new employees. Thus CPA/CA firm can scale-up/scale-down as per their growth charts.
  4. Cost Saving - Outsourcing of services help in eliminating the cost of hiring, training, infrastructure etc of the new employees specifically during the tax season when there is exponential rise in the workflow and higher number of head count is required for that particular period.
  5. Access to Latest Technology – Outsourcing allows access to the latest technology as well as best-practice in certain activities. Outsourcing companies have best in class technology in terms of software, equipment, etc. Thus CPA /CA firms get access to all of latest technology which otherwise might cost a fortune.

Published By : Aanchal Garg on  02 Feb 2022 12:28:48pm


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